Off-Site & Conference Book Sales

Bibliobar is happy to bring our bookstore to YOU!

Whether we bring the Bibliobus or create an in-house pop up, we're equipped to bring our bookstore to your event or business. We can sell books at conferences, lectures, trade shows, libraries, schools, businesses, churches, and other events in the DFW area -- and sometimes a little bit farther! Add some magic to your next event.

When you work with Bibliobar/Bibliobus, we happily provide stellar customer service and a professional and clean pop-up bookstore to ensure the best possible experience for you, your attendees and your customers. Bulk sales of titles receive our bulk discount and not-for-profit organizations can often qualify for our “Bibliobar Gives Back” program!

For more information, or to secure a date, please email Chelsea Green

Please include the following information:

  • Name of Organization

  • Date of Event

  • Location of Event

  • Contact Information (first name, last name, email address and phone number)

  • Expected Attendance

  • Please list any authors or speakers already confirmed

  • Please list any topics, titles, or authors that you'd like to see for sale

In-School Book Fairs

We provide book fairs to schools! We can offer books from all publishing houses, including religious titles and gifts for Private Christian schools. The schools that we have worked with have seen much success and get credit to order books for their library or classroom sets.

Interested in hosting an online book fair? Students, parents and teachers can order any book from our online shop and we’ll deliver the orders to the school on a specified date for pick up.

Both of these options earn bookstore credit based on a sliding scale of the overall sales. Please email Chelsea Green for more information to schedule your school's next book fair.