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I'm Chelsea Green, a career bookseller and publishing employee! My dream is to open a bookstore with a bar and cafe in the North Dallas area -- a place to read and relax with your favorite drink!  I have teamed up with my husband, Colin, and my sister, Jessica, to open a store for bibliophiles and their friends and family to enjoy great books over a glass of wine, a pint of beer, or a cup of coffee.

Why a bookstore?

In 2006, I started working at one of those big box bookstores. I worked for that same chain in 3 different stores, across 2 states, and in 6 different positions, for 7 years, until I left to work at one of the top 5 book publishers in NY. I worked for 4 years in inventory and sales; learning all the ins and outs of the publishing world. I quickly realized that I missed my family back in Texas, but wanted to keep my love of working in the book industry alive!

When I found out there was no indie bookstore in the area, I knew what I had to do! I am teaming up with Colin, my husband, who I met at that previously aforementioned big box bookstore, and my sister, Jessica, who has been my partner since 2015 in running our book subscription box company, MyBookBox



BIB•LI•O•BAR: a bar relating to books; also, a bar for book lovers

We hope that BIBLIOBAR will soon be a bookstore and bar located in North Dallas. We will offer general interest books, graphic novels, bookish gift items, and events with a focus on the community and bringing amazing authors to the area! 

This won't just be another bookstore for you to run in and run out. Our store will encourage new and seasoned readers to pick up a book and a drink in a casual, cozy setting, making our store the perfect spot to discuss your favorite books and authors or to sit quietly and read to your heart's content! All of our new bookish friends (you!) will be able to drink the best wines, try local craft beer and ciders, locally roasted coffee, and small bites at our bar! 

North Dallas will have a new place to hang out in a fun and comfortable environment for the whole family. Designed for reading and discussion, we plan to have a variety of exciting events every week, including author readings, wine tastings, game nights, and book clubs for all ages. It will be your favorite place to have a wine with the ladies, play date with the kids, game night with the guys, or an afternoon with the family. We will have a dedicated children's space, offering the best children’s books, story times (while mom and dad have a drink!), educational workshops, and more.


Going to a chain bookstore or library is a fun time, but going to an independent bookstore is a completely different experience! At BIBLIOBAR, every book and item that we carry will have been carefully selected by our team, not some corporate algorithm.

We will never hush your children... we will have a secured children's area where your kids can pick up and read any book they want! We will have the kids section in the back of the store, so you can browse the adult section or sit at the bar while they play. We are even looking into having child monitors at the bar so you can keep an eye on your children while you relax.  

We want to be a place for mom and dad to relax anytime, while showing your children the importance of reading! 


As a small, locally owned business we want to give back to our community! We will be supporting local businesses and charities, below are just a few of the ways we plan to give back!

  • sourcing local craft beer and coffee

  • sourcing locally grown food

  • sourcing Texas made products

  • using local bakers to provide our desserts

  • hosting a fund share with a different local charity each month

  • hosting field trips to the store for local schools

  • paying local and state taxes


  • Our team has a combined 12 years of book-selling experience and 8 years of working in event and bar management!

  • We have run a successful, and financially secure book business for the last 3 years and made contacts that will we will be able to count on for advice in our new endeavor.

  • We have been finding mentors in fellow independent bookstore owners, meeting with them across the country. We have visited over 20 stores this year alone!

  • We are investing in the course provided by Paz & Associates, the leading bookstore consultants in the country, offering an intensive course on the realities of running a bookstore.

  • We attend at least two bookselling conferences each year: American Booksellers Association (ABA) Winter Institute and/or Children’s Institute, Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) Regional Conference.

  • We're also studying the resources and industry sales data provided to us by the national bookseller trade association, American Booksellers Association (ABA) and the regional bookseller association, Mountains & Plains Independent Bookseller Association (MPIBA).

  • We are already partnering with local organizations and events across the metroplex, including pop-up stores at local festivals and holiday events, the ever-popular Fresh Fiction romance book club, local school book fairs, and LeakyCon 9 & 10, the Harry Potter convention that was held in Dallas in 2018 and returning again, after much success, in 2019!